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Welcome to The Oven Repair Man, the Electric and Gas oven and stove repair specialists

The Oven Repair Man specialises in electric and gas oven and stove repairs. That’s what we do best! Servicing Melbourne’s North, East, South and West.

We repair thousands of ovens and stoves in Melbourne every year.

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We service and repair all types of electric and gas stoves and cooker-tops in Melbourne, offering domestic oven repairs.

The Oven Repair Man can service, repair and replace parts for all types of electric and gas stoves, from old-style coil-element cookers to solid hot plates, ceramic elements, glass tops and induction stove or cook-tops.

So when do you call in a stove repairman?

CheckWell, there’s not much that can go wrong with a stove top. It’s either a burnt element, damaged or loose element, burnt wiring or a controller and we can repair your stove-top and replace your elements / burners easily and quickly. However, these repairs can only be legally repaired by a qualified electrician.


CheckThe element fails to heat.  Check to see that the main cooker switch and power are on and that the stove is plugged in. (You would be surprised how often we come out to find the oven unplugged or switched off)


CheckCheck for damage on the element, such as blistering, bubbles or cracks. If there is damage, you will likely need a new element, and you will need a Manufacturer guaranteed element, so call The Oven Repair Man! (TIP – do this with the power off.)


CheckHave you been using large heavy pots on your coil elements? If so, the wiring could be loose. This happens in particular with pots that are too large for the coils, and which are frequently stirred. If you suspect loose wiring or the coil is obviously loose, call the Oven Repair Man.



Small-Contact-UsContact us for an over the phone estimate on your stove repairs.

No matter what type of electric or gas stove you have and no matter the age of your stove-top, we can fix your stove, stove elements and cooker-tops!


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