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Quality Assurances for your Oven and Stove Repairs

So an Oven is an Oven is it? Many people think that it can’t be that complicated to repair… there is a lot more to it than meets the untrained eye! The Oven Repair Man technicians are hand picked and trained to serve you in a professional, courteous and friendly manner, whilst being highly skilled oven repair technicians. All our technicians are trade qualified electricians or gas fitters.

Quality Parts

The importance of quality parts (particularly and quality workmanship in the service and repair of ovens cannot be overstated! Quality parts will save you money, time, energy and all types of nasty shocks, not just the 240 volt kind!

So what can go wrong?

There are a number of electrical parts in an oven that can burn out, come loose, break or malfunction. These include general heating elements, broil elements, bake elements, grills, lamps, wiring, burners and thermostats. Some of these parts can be expensive, and if they keep breaking, well…it is going to cost a lot, never mind the inconvenience involved.


Why Call Us?

Diagnosis of what’s faulty can also require that the oven be on, and you don’t want to be the one who gets shocked or burnt. Don’t ever try to repair something yourself with the oven on! Call a professional to repair your oven or stove.

Faulty thermostats can burn your food, faulty plates can set your kitchen on fire, and faulty parts in general can cost you a lot more than your peace of mind!

We supply manufacturer guaranteed oven and stove parts for most makes of ovens and cook-tops: Various elements, burners, hinges and springs, fans, regulators, door and cook-top glass, clocks & timers, valves, lamps, lights, knobs, jets, regulators, thermostats, Door Seals and more – all parts guaranteed by the manufacturer and installed with a 3 month warranty on labour. Now that’s peace of mind to get you inspired, and cooking!

Customer-ServiceQuality Service

How can I be assured of quality parts and workmanship?

We can assure you of the best quality in oven and stove repairs, from appliance electricians with years of experience in electrical appliance repairs, servicing and maintenance, and experts in the field of oven repairs.

We only ever use quality replacement parts from accredited suppliers, and offer quality service from the moment you contact us. We value your time as well as ours, respect your pocket and aim to ensure not only your satisfaction with the job done, but also your trust and recommendation.

We are qualified electricians and gasfitters, with 25 years experience in oven service and repair, and we carry a public liability of $10’000’000. We also offer a 3 month warranty on labour, and a 12 month Manufacturer’s Warranty. Please note that Technika only offers a 3 month warranty on their parts, as such we can only offer a 3 month warranty on Technika parts.


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We carry a Large range of Ilve Parts for your Ilve Electric Ovens.