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Servicing and Repairing all brands of Electric and Gas ovens & stoves in Melbourne, offering dedicated domestic oven repair specialists.

The Oven Repair Man has been repairing electric and gas ovens like, Blanco, Westinghouse, Simpson, Chef, Ilve, Smeg, Technika, Lofra, Neff, Falcon, Bosch, Gaggenau, Baumatic, Glen Dimplex, Highland ovens and many more for over 30years.

We carry a huge range of spare parts in every oven repair service van. Repairing electric and gas In wall ovens, Free Standing ovens , Under bench ovens and gas, Electric and Induction cooktops.

Repairing electric and gas ovens is our passion, using the highest quality oven spare parts we can buy to ensure the longevity of the repair.

Blown elements or motors, oven door hinges, seals and glass, oven thermostats and much more.



Below are some SELF HELP tips

There are quite a few things that can go on the blink in an oven, but it is still always best to check the most common things that interfere with your oven before you call The Oven Repair Man, as this will save you paying an unnecessary service fee.

CheckCheck to see that have something hasn’t blown a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker. Try to restore the circuit, and if the problem persists, call The Oven Repair Man!


CheckCheck that your oven’s clock is set properly. If it’s flashing you will need to reset it – your oven will not work unless the clock is set. If the problem persists, call The Oven Repair Man!


ChecklongIs your oven on Auto? If your oven is on Auto you may not be able to use it until you set the mode to Manual. If when you turn on your oven the indicator light doesn’t come on but the griller still works, then your oven is probably set on Auto. Some models have a manual clock with knobs you will need to push and twist to set back to Manual. If the problem persists, call The Oven Repair Man!


CheckThere are also a number of parts that can get worn out or broken on an oven, including oven door hinges and door seals for built-in or free-standing ovens, door glass, shelves, fans, elements, grills, and stove top plates.


In 99% of cases we can repair or service your oven at your home, and we carry stock of the parts for the most common makes of oven.


It’s rare that we will need to remove your oven for more intensive repairs, and if we need to order parts, we do quickly and efficiently to minimise ‘oven down time’.

We do our utmost to ensure you are not without one of your most needed and valuable electrical appliances for long.

Whether you are faced with a hungry family or a looming dinner party, if your oven goes on the blink

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We service and do oven repairs on most oven makes, including;



This is a fabulous, cheap and easy way to clean your oven.

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