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The Oven Repair Man specialises in electric oven and stove repairs … that’s what we do best! Servicing Melbourne’s North, East, South and West.

We repair many brands of ovens and stoves in Melbourne every year.

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Below is some info on our oven repair rates and charges in Melbourne, some useful info on oven elements, some tips and general repair industry information.

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Oven Element Info:

Oven elements can bubble, split, crack, blow a hole out the side, burn out violently shooting out sparks or just stop working with no visible signs of ware. Upon inspection of your ovens elements, if you notice any puffed out areas or splits or cracks and don’t want to have your oven out of service while you wait for an oven technician to repair your oven, call us to have it replaced before it blows!  No downtime = Happy Cook

article-new_ds-photo_getty_article_18_60_89687227_XSHard to find Parts:

There are many ovens out there whose parts are hard to find, either they are over 10 years old or are an imported brand that simply don’t manufacture and  import anymore of a certain part until there is a demand for that particular part as they must order a minimum of 1000 pieces. In this case there can be lengthy delays in getting some parts and unfortunately there is nothing that anyone can do but wait. Another possible inconvenience is there maybe some parts available but not all for your particular electric oven or cook-top and until a technician has inspected the oven or cook-top and determined what if any parts are required before we can ascertain if that part is still available or not. We try our best to avoid this situation however it’s not always possible and is out of our control. If the part required for your oven or stove repair fits into this category you will be made aware of this at the time of ordering.  All we can suggest to do is in the future is buy a local brand or a popular imported one. Give The Oven repair Man a call and we can advise you on the best choices.

Another point is if anything (ie, brand , model of oven or part) is not popular or a main stream brand the parts will be more expensive and the quantity available in Australia is limited and only available for

wholesale purchase at sometimes, only one place . Brands from the uk like Ariston and Beaumatic, some Blanco’s, Technika, Lofra, Euromaid, Maytag, Savior Faire and many many more.. The Oven Repair Man does carry some parts for these brands but are limited due to the reasons stated above. We do carry 99% of fan forced elements for every brand as well as fan forced motors.



We listen to you:

Our office staff at the Oven Repair man will spend the time to ask you what exactly is wrong with your oven or cook-top,  by asking you a few simple questions ensures we can repair your oven with just one visit. There’s no point going out to a customers house to repair an obvious broken grill element without bringing the correct spare part with you, its not always possible so asking you a few questions helps us ascertain what may be wrong with your oven.  90% of the time our oven repairs in Melbourne are done on the first visit within 20 minutes.


Cheap Oven Repairs and Stove RepairsCall out fee explained:

Why am I charged a call Out fee?

There are many expenses in running a business that need to be paid for before any profit can be made. These can range from staff wages, rent, landline phone, mobile phones, electricity, internet charges, advertising, signage, stationary, fuel, insurances, vehicle registration & maintenance, travel time,  tolls, bookkeeping, accountants, rubbish removal and much more. Most of these examples are daily expenses and even a small business with 5-6 staff can cost thousands of dollars a day and these costs must simply be recoup orated up front to ensure the business at least breaks even. Companies that don’t charge a call out fee will have to recover these costs in their labour charges or the price of their parts, its just that simple. The Oven Repair Man splits up these charges into three groups, Call Out Fee, labour Charge (billed per 15 minutes) and the price of any replacement parts required, so you know exactly what your paying for.

Any kind of mobile repair service has a lot of lost time in the day traveling between jobs that is not billable to anyone so on an average day, an eight hour shift has a maximum of only four billable hours of work.

The Oven Repair Man only charges one call out fee per repair. If we need to return with an ordered part you will only be charged for the time it takes to install the part and the price of the part plus gst.

if you have any further questions regarding our charges and rates, please give us a call to discuss the matter further on 1800 767 567.

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  • Westinghouse
  • Kleenmaid

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