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The Oven Repair Man specialises in electric and gas oven and stove repairs … that’s what we do best! Servicing Melbourne’s North, East, South and West.

We repair hundreds of Ilve ovens and stoves in Melbourne every year.

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We repair Free Standing, In wall and Under bench Ilve ovens. We carry a large range of Ilve parts in each vehicle to service every Ilve Oven. We carry Ilve Hinges, Ilve Fan Forced Elements, Ilve Under Liner Elements, Ilve Griller Elements, Ilve Thermostats, Ilve Selector Controllers, Ilve Function Switch, Lamps, Globes, Ilve Oven Door Seals, Ilve Piezo igniters and more.

What we, as oven repair men like to see is an oven that has been designed with not only the cooking in mind but the ease of replacing consumable parts.
Nearly every single oven model of every single brand, other than Ilve, has a different function switch, grill and under liner element, door hinges, ignition candles, thermostat and more.



ilve oven

What this means is, if you are lucky enough to own one of Ilve’s beautiful ovens, when it breaks down and all ovens break down, we will have the parts you need in every Oven Repair Man van.
We carry the most popular parts for every other brand and Ilve is still one of the only companies that has done or is doing this.


Tech Quote:  Ilve ovens are a delight to work on.

Just one other brand (not mentioning names) has 128’000 oven parts across years of oven models, Ilve has about 100 main parts that may need replacing (not including gas hob parts) and we carry them all.
The only Ilve parts we would need to order in would mainly be parts like oven door glass, clocks, side panels, trivets, knobs (there are many different types of knobs), door handles, feet and oven racks.



95% Of all Ilve ovens are repaired on first visit.

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